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SocialSift cuts through the clutter and decodes the complex social conversation!



Manage Campaigns, Online Reputations and  Social Profiles. SocialSift enables every company to generate real-time insights which allow them to exploit social media conversations; and also to generate actions that create positive business outcomes across the entire enterprise. 

That may sound obvious, but the internet feels anonymous sometimes, doesn't it? :) I just want to acknowledge this and encourage you to get in touch with me (h.richards(at)hennikgroup.com) if you have any:

  • questions
  • feature requests
  • bug reports
  • or if you just want to say "hi"

I look forward to hear from you. Tweet to me @HaydenARichards

Hi.. I'm Hayden Richards, and I'm a real person!

I have a passion for social and digital technologies and strategies, so addition to working on SocialSift , I also work with clients to design, test and optimize their Digital Strategies.

From these experiences, I've learned so much , and I love sharing these time-saving tips with our customers!

Each tip is delivered in video format and leaves you with practical action steps to improve your social engagement. Fun! Let's go! :)


Our Customers get Free Social Strategy Tips

A Sincere Thank You :)

Your feedback and feature requests help us make better platforms!

  • Meaningful Analytics

    Get Powerful insights on all social activities help you understand your customers and deliver better experiences. Vizualise in dashboard.

  • Respond Faster

    Post and reply on major social networks. Interact with all customers using intelligent alerts, filtering and message routing.

  • Vizualise

    Visualize the Social data that matters to your business.

  • Team Collaboration

    Track the performance of your entire team, optimize productivity, and establish KPIs.

  • Nuture Brand Advocates

    Empowering employees to support the goals of the brand, through employee-owned social media .

  • Advanced Filtering

    Drill down your data in every possible way to focus exactly on the messages that are relevant to your objectives.

Have it All

From one dashboard schedule tweets and social media posts, monitor your conversations. ROI driven? Quickly create reports.

Social Marketing

With unlimited social profiles, we make it easy to scale social. As your social accounts continues to grow, SocialSift can handle the load.

Customer Service

It is important to connect your brand with people on a personal level. Speed is critical. We make it easy for help desks or support centers.

Social Selling

You need to engage with the right prospects, at the right time. Your entire team can use social media to accelerate sales cycles and close deals quickly!

Here are Some of our Partners

“I want all our employess to be social employees.”

Nick Hussey | Managing Director, www.themanufacturer.com
Social media is critical our employee engagement and helps fuels employee activism. I see SocialSift as an indespensible tool in achieving that aim.

“I needed to keep tabs on the HR conversation globally.”

NICK EDWARDS | Director, Papaya UK
Our Web based products require a direct line to our clients, many of whom prefer to communicate via social media. The ability to use boolean searches to locate potential clients has been a real eye opener.

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Efficiently Manage Campaigns
Our intelligent dashboard, complete with sentiment tagging, Boolean search and stream filters, allows you to easily direct and manage all social campaigns from one central dashboard. Jump directly into the conversation.

Decoding the Complex Social Media Conversation.

SocialSift is packed with Features

  • Create targeted social campaigns
  • Visualize social content and relationships
  • Manage social workflow and teams
  • Measure success and analyze results

Affordable Pricing Options

These prices wont break the bank.


Basic package

1 User
7 Days Storage
100000 Mentions

£ 595

Advanced package

10 Users
30 Days Storage
750000 Mentions



Enterprise package

90 Days Storage
1.5 million mentions

Monitor the Social Web
Get an extreme slick picture of what current conversations are, see how they change and what is the root cause, all in real-time!


Efficiently integrate social media into existing team responsibilities and workflows for all teams including customer service, sales, marketing, PR and management. 

Easily monitor and evaluate campaign and team performance against established KPIs through social analytic and workflow reports. 

I Wanna get #Digital

We are both Passionate and serious about social media. All companies are now digital entities and we feel it is important to position social media as a critical component of customer relationships and corporate brands.

Just go ahead and give us a call:
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Pricing quoted above are on a monthly basis inclusive of VAT. Annual Pricing is available with 2 months free built in.

          Basic: £1980 per year (with 2 months free).  Advanced: £5950 per year (with 2 months free)

          Enterprise: £11900 per year (with 2 months free)    All price are inclusive of VAT.

          All plans include:

  Patented Feed Visualizer; Sentiment Indicator; Access to all Reports; Message Scheduling;

 Author Reach Analysis; Intent Indicator; unlimited social profiles.

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